About me

“A picture says a thousand words,” they say…Well, I’ve not just believed but lived by this philosophy. If there is something I have really enjoyed & treasured from my childhood are the beautiful memories ceased in photographs. Photography is both my passion and an escape route. It’s my way of concocting a delightful mix of nature, people, and emotion.

I’m Apoorva, I specialize in Candid Family photography I’m here to freeze your happy moments into timeless memory treasures. I’m based out of Austin, Texas and it gives me immense pleasure to offer my services and engage with ‘you’ in making ‘your’ memories.

Though I studied money and investing throughout my early life with a master’s in finance, a few years ago I discovered and more importantly accepted my passion for photography and have been enjoying it ever since. What makes me unique is I’m here to hear ‘you’ out and put a picture to ‘your’ story